TREXCARE UG (limited liability)

Because we care about your people.

TREXCARE is customized for every client to ensure perfect fit with specific needs, organizational setup and requirements...
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know where your expats, travelers or their family members are - around the world and around the clock for maximum safety & security...
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keep your employees up to date with location specific real time Info and Warnings, latest health news, geo-political events, weather warnings...
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Keep your people out of trouble or rescue them - restricted & safe areas, alert messages, proximity warnings, track violations, etc...
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Right at your employees palm: Panic button, Crisis Support, Case management, interactive two way chat or direct call... read more

Welcome to TREXCARE !

The world has become a global playfield. Never have more people worked abroad, never was the need bigger to deploy your best people at the best locations to succeed... and never was there a bigger need to support your employees abroad.

TREXCARE is an all-embracing system that offers one stop solutions for all your expats and travelers around the world. Never has it been easier to provide your employees and their families with the safety and support they need when working in a foreign country.

Using a proprietary modular and fully scalable system based on our multi-year international experience as Expats and Business Travelers in all areas around the world, TREXCARE is customized for every client to specific needs at no additional costs.

We offer solutions, not an off-the-shelf product.Together we define your specific needs and desing a solution for seamless integration into your existing organization. We promise to provide the best and most efficient solution that meets your needs to ensure safety and security of your employees and their dependants abroad.

Give us a call today or contact us via Email and let us show you what we can do for you and your employees... because we care about your people !

Latest news:

Aug. 10, 2017
iPhone App has been updated to support newest iOS and has improved power management for maximum battery life.
Sep. 04, 2017
Server console interface has been improved for easier case management and more efficient auto-message creation.