TREXCARE UG (limited liability)

Emergency & Crisis Support

Anywhere and Anytime...

TREXCARE offers location based content to help and assist your employees in their host country. Employees will find nearest medical support, contact information and directions for your companies' local offices, approved hotels and transportation companies, etc. to make sure they are well supported. The built in communication module allows to inform employees about local events with a potential impact on them or their family members. Despite all these features and capabilities there can always be situation where an employee needs direct support, e.g. a car accident or a security threat or a medical emergency. In order to help companies provide the proper kind of on the spot global support for these cases we have integrated an Emergency and Crisis support module into TREXCARE. The employee can push a panic button or trigger a silent alarm (e.g. pressing the mute button on his phone several times, etc.) to start the Emergency and Crisis management event. Depending on your companies setup this can be routed to a local support group, a call center or individual people inside or outside your company. There is also an option to use a two way chat function for less critical cases. Besides the communication channel the tool will immediately show the employees position and also allows real time tracking of the movement on a map down to street level. In addition the module will automatically keep a log file of all communication and gives the operator of the system an option to add comments about his actions or what the employee did which will be stored with the timestamp in the event log. Once the case is closed after successful resolution all information including the position, actions, communication, etc. will be stored in the TREXCARE database and can be retrieved for later analysis and follow up as needed. Whether you have the organization to retrieve these alerts locally or you want to completely outsource the local support and call management, we have the right solution that fits your global presence and resources and allows you to give your employees the peace of mind that they are being taken care of whenever they need it.