TREXCARE UG (limited liability)


Keeping your Employees out of restricted Areas

TREXCARE offers a versatile geo fencing module to keep your employees out of restricted areas or within safe areas. You can define an unlimited number of restricted/safe areas in any size, shape or form by simply drawing the fenceline of the area on the map. In addition to defining the location and shape of the restricted area you can specify more details if desired, such as a start and end date between which the area is active, a certain time window of the day during which the area is active (e.g. areas that are safe during the day but should be avoided after 8pm), etc. Besides a name and a description of the restricted area and time windows you can classify the type as a safe area, an information area or a restricted area. For every area you can define custom messages that are sent to the TREXCARE user upon getting within a defined distance to the area (proximity message), entering or leaving a restricted or safe zone.All zones are easily manageable and shown on a world map. You can see which users are currently located in a zone, which users have been in the zone recently and activate and deactivate zones easily in the TREXCARE console application. The zone data is periodically synchronized between the smartphone app and the server to allow to inform users about getting close to or entering a restricted zone even when there is no active data connection. Zone violations can be signaled to the user as well as TREXCARE personel in your company via email or as an alarm in the dashboard.