TREXCARE UG (limited liability)


GPS based Position Tracking

Continuous and reliable geo-tracking is enabled via the TREXCARE App on your employees (or family members) smartphone. The App is currently available for Android and iPhone/iOS systems and uses the built in GPS functionality (Global Positioning System) of the users smartphone with accuracy up to 5 meters. Given that TREXCARE is used around the world, it is important to note that the tracking inside the App works regardless of an active internet or phone network coverage and without the App being actively looked at by the user.The TREXCARE app uses a background task with a sophisticated algorithm to determine the optimum update frequency and trigger distance for any situation to minimize battery drainage and ensure accurate and frequent enough position updates. You can customize the update frequency and trigger „distance moved“ depending on situation (normal, emergency, inside restricted zone, etc.). The app uses a position update internally to compare against restricted zones as defined in the geo-fencing module and will issue proximity warnings and zone violation warnings to the user regardless of being connected to the network and the TREXCARE server. A map on the users smartphone will show his position, any defined restricted zones and points of interest in the area. It will also issue relevant health and security warnings via an offline database stored on the smartphone should the employee enter a respective area. Using the position data and the local database copy on the phone the App will also provide information about location specific content, such as nearest medical support, local offices, hotels and transport companies, etc. if requested by the employee. It is even possible to use the Points of Interest defined in the system to automatically start a navigation app with the destination address on the phone. If a data connection exists the app will also update the position in the TREXCARE server, so the system „knows“ where an employee is. For privacy reasons a user can switch off the position update and go into „stealth mode“ temporarily. At the same time the system will lower the frequency and stop update and transfer the position if a battery limit is reached to make sure the app does not drain the phones battery. A typical implementation of the systems console view can be seen in the screen shot below: For companies operating in areas with limited internet connection, the system can be configured to use SMS messages via the GSM phone network for critical messages, such as emergencies, restricted zone violations, etc. In addition the system can be setup to allow manual request of a users position from the system by issuing a position update request manually.