TREXCARE UG (limited liability)

Welcome to TREXCARE !

The world has become a global playfield - protect your players !

Never have more people worked abroad, never was the need bigger to deploy your best people at the best locations.
TREXCARE offers the latest state of the art smartphone based support system for expats and travelers around the world.
Never has it been easier to provide your employees and their families with the safety and support they need when working in a foreign country.

Once installed on your employees smartphone TREXCARE will allow to account for all your people and their families around the world in case of crisis management, health alerts or other events.
TREXCARE allows the definition of free shape geo-zones to warn your employees of dangerous areas in forgeign countries, auto alert the security contact in case of restricted area violations. etc...
You can provide location based content such as pre-approved transportation services, local medical support agreements, approved hotels, local contact information for your companies offices, embassy,etc.