TREXCARE UG (limited liability)

Global Real-Time Messaging

The right Information...anywhere and anytime...

TREXCARE offers a comprehensive and interactive messaging and communication module. The module has two main sections. One section covers providing relevant local information that are frequently needed. In this module you can provide points of interest and generic information for every location, such as approved transportation incl. contact information, local recommended hotels including directions and contact info, nearest medical support support, local company offices, etc. The content can be administrated centrally on a country anc category level and is automatically updated on every employees smartphone in the TREXCRE app. Upon arriving in a country this info can be used to trigger a navigation software or make a phone call to a pre-defined contact. This module is an easy and efficient way to ensure employees know the best places to go and stick to company approved transportation and lodging.
The second module handles relevant information and warnings for any country or region. There are many events in today's world that require companies to update their employees in certain regions of the world about recent developments and how these events impact them and their family members. In order to allow efficient and targeted communication it is essential that people get only relevant information and as quickly as possible which requires knowledge about where an employee is at any time. In TREXCARE this is accomplished by using the geo-tracking module that is an integral part of the system and smartphone app. When there is a need to update employees in a certain area about a local event, such as a health alert or a security warning, the company has a choice between ad hoc one time information or setting up a region specific news/alert item. In the first case the operator can simply select a free shape region on a map or select one or more countries from a list. A list of all employees that are currently in the region will be generated in real-time and can be used to send ad-hoc messages to them after additional filtering (e.g. by employee type, etc.) and manual addition/removal of recipients. The message is then sent out immediately and delivered to the employees in the generated recipient list via data connection. If the message is marked as urgent, there is also an option to deliver via text message to ensure rapid delivery even in case the smartphone does not have a data connection at the time the message is dispatched. A receipt of delivery and also acknowledgment that the user read the message can be setup and will be stored in a message specific log file for later reference. The second case is a case where there is a new update for a standing event in a certain region. TREXCARE offers event and message structures that allow to define events which then have predefined filters such as region, filter criteria for user selection, etc. A new update info is simply added to the event and stored in the system with a final date to which the update is active. Any user that fits the location and additional filter criteria will automatically get the update message. In addition the smartphone app of every user will be updated with the new info upon the next synchronization cycle. This ensures that employees who have not been in the region at the time the info was updated will still receive the relevant information as soon as they enter the region. Companies do not have to run separate tracking databases anymore and do not rely on employees updating their travel profile to know who is in a certain area. The TREXCARE system will manage automatic delivery of news to the users as soon as it becomes relevant. Of course this can also be tracked via receive and acknowledge flags in a log file. As an example let's assume the WHO issues an update about EBOLA diseases in Africa. The TREXCRE operator copies the message into the existing EBOLA event in his system and adds the most recent update. He has preselected the region/countries and people in the region will be informed immediately. A business traveler was not in the country at the time the update was put in the system, but is flying to Africa the week after. During the daily update cycle his phone will store the info in the local database, so as soon as he arrives in Africa his TREXCARE app will show him the recent update and give him access to all current relevant information for the region. There are many customizations possible, e.g. selecting the type of user to receive updates such that only employees get an update and have their choice what and how they want to update accompanying family members. You could also send an update to all members of your security group in the region only, etc. The flexibility of the communication module will put you at ease and eliminates the need to keep a separate track list on where your employees are or depend on them updating a travel database. Inform your employees about what they need to know exactly when they need to know it !