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Welcome to TREXCARE !


TREXCARE is the easiest and most efficient way for modern companies to provide Expats and Business Travelers with the safety & support they need when working in foreign countries around the world. Whether you have a handful of employees in a few countries or several thousand expats and travelers located around the world - with our modular and scalable system you can manage and support them with ease and minimum resources around the world and around the clock. Give your employees the peace of mind that they are covered by TREXCARE and eliminate distractions and stress from their international assignment.


There is a lot of standard software for geo-tracking and geo-fencing in the market. Some products also offer simple emergency support like panic buttons. These are minimum requirements, but we at TREXCARE understand that every company, every industry, every region and every employee is different. Instead of offering a standard product, together with your team we will analyze your needs and specifics and adapt our platform to your requirements. The result is a perfect solution that integrates seamless with your company and covers all your needs in the most efficient way.


We have years of experience as Expats and Business Travelers around the world and know what people care about when working and living abroad. Based on this knowledge TREXCARE is more than just a simple geo-tracking and geo-fencing application. Every implementation is built to support your employees everywhere and in every situation by providing relevant location specific information and services at your employees palm. Imagine your employee arriving at a foreign airport and after a personal welcome message getting contact info of approved local transportation, recommended local hotels, nearest medical support, local company offices, etc. The employee also automatically gets current health and security info relevant for the location. Everything is possible, you decide what helps your employees and we will implement the perfect solution for you.


We live in a dynamic world with a lot of events that frequently require companies to update their employees about news in their region. TREXCARE offers a complete interactive modul for location specific information management and delivery. If for example a health alert fromt he WHO or a travel alert by US department of state is entered into the TREXCARE system with relevant region and criteria, the information is automatically sent to all affected users even those arriving later as long as the event is set to active. Of course delivery and acknowledgement can be tracked within TREXCARE. Whether you want to manage these updates yourself or you want us to take care of this – everything is possible


TREXCARE offers location specific info such as nearest medical support and local support numbers. Using geo-tracking and geo-fencing it keeps your employees out of critical areas. Your employees get automatically updated about critical events and health alerts in their region. For any emergency situation TREXCARE also offers a complete emergency support module. Panic button, one click contact to local support, interactive chat, real time location tracking are just a few of the options we can implement. Whether you are a multinational enterprise and want to manage all this inhouse or you want an extenal call center that assists your employees and manages the emergency cases for you... we will help you find the best solution for your organization and budget !